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This is an online guide for the do's and don'ts of Fantasy Football. We dive into morality and social manipulation while steering you away from the common pitfalls of the virtual gridiron. Mastering trades, lineups, the waiver wire and free agent pickups are only the tip of the iceberg. 

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Vince Lombardi Never Worried About SEO

As I'm learning and reflecting upon, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is everything. Without it even the best products would never be seen or found. 

Here are my experiences so far in my climb to the top of the Google Rankings.

SEO, my visibility via search engines right now is really terrible, and by really terrible I mean that I wouldn't show up on Google or Bing with a direct entry of my web domain Forget any other common keywords that should give me some sort of relevancy such as Fantasy Football, iOS Applications, Fantasy etc.

Content: Still working on different ways to display information about Fantasy Bro Sports. Should I refer to it as FBS (Feel free to leave a comment below)moving forward just because it's probably quicker for me to type and possibly quicker for you to read. However see the above problem about SEO and I'm no expert about SEO yet but repeating my domain name a million times just might do it.

I don't think SquareSpace has helped the situation from an SEO standpoint. At the time I chose them because it was super simple to get started.

I didn't have to purchase a template from some third-party. In my first draft of this I used the term Zero to One Hundred real quick, I'm apprehensive to keep it but I'll keep my Drake-isms to myself.

There were no hoops to jump through, the templates are beautiful and with a one week trial I was able to preview what I wanted and had a good idea of what I was getting.

It happened to come with an extra domain name ( So I own too) which was a nice bonus. Also I was able to support the Joe Rogan Podcast with coupon code: JOE or whatever it was at the time. This podcast has always kept me stimulated and laughing even when I was banging my head up against a wall when my App would crash or give obscure error logs that I couldn't decipher for days. Perhaps one day soon I'll have time to launch my own Fantasy BS podcast.

The downside to have everything prebuilt on SquareSpace is the ability to customize the website itself. It’s possible that I am just a complete noob when it comes to SquareSpace and I have yet figured out how to have my newsletter sign-up come as a splash page. (See the link above or check out to see what I mean).

As commonly experienced in the past, when businesses offer free content such as e-books and coupon codes. There is a splash page that the user at a very minimum has to dismiss.

It's generally a value for value model where you barter your email address for a free eBook or something of that nature.  (The eBook just might be on the way)

So far it doesn't see that SquareSpace will allow such code-injection on the landing page which will make me question what decisions I may make at the end of my pre-paid year.

Got a great recommendation to help us get this Fantasy Football revolution off the ground? 

Fantasy Bro Sports Blog - The Inception

Welcome to the first blog spot from Fantasy Bro Sports. 

Who are we?

We are currently building an iOS Application (Soon to venture on other platforms on day). 

My elevator pitch on this goes something like this:

Fantasy Bro Sports is all the Fantasy Football advice you will need available right at your finger tips. People bemoan the risk / reward of determining who they should start on their fantasy football roster. 

I know myself and in my social circle this consumes the majority of conversations and subsequent self induced stress. Why can't there be something that takes a mathematical analysis of historical stats, game plans, depth chart and every other factor that could affect a players results on the field for that given week.

It can become another job to keep up with the endless hours of Twitter updates, expert fantasy football blogs, official depth chart listings, rumor mill rumblings and professional analysts that sway your emotions to and from certain players.

Fantasy Bro Sports is the solution.

This blog is going to be my personal outlet for all the dramatic twist and turns on this journey from going from an idea to a product and business. 

Unfortunately if you were looking for another blog on expert advice which is main just regurgitated  information from media outlets I'd look elsewhere.

However if you are thinking about your own projects that could be the next big thing hopefully you stick around and become apart of the Fantasy Bro Sports community. 

Thank you and good luck on your Fantasy adventures this season.

Enjoy the first episode of Tough Season: Chasing A Repeat Ep. 1