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Tuesday Mornings Will Never Be The Same

This is an online guide for the do's and don'ts of Fantasy Football. We dive into morality and social manipulation while steering you away from the common pitfalls of the virtual gridiron. Mastering trades, lineups, the waiver wire and free agent pickups are only the tip of the iceberg. 

The Fantasy Football Resources we use


Fantasy Football News

As a competitior, you never want to pass up an opportunity to get the inside track on your opponents. But when chasing after these new opportunities you might have seconds thoughts about putting blind faith into a new source of information. Ultimately, you will need to experiment with different resources and stratgies if you want to rise above the herd. 

We've put together a comprehensive list of our most trusted and relied upon sources for fantasy football information.


1. Bleacher Report

2. Pro Football Focus

3. Fantasy Sharks

4. Rotoviz

5. Eat Sleep Drink Football

6. Rotoworld


1. Fantasy Footballers - Fantasy Football Podcast

2. Fantasyland

3. Eat. Sleep. Fantasy - NFL Fantasy Football Podcast

4. Rotoviz Radio:  A Fantasy Football Podcast

5. Dynasty Happy Hour

Apps: (Free)

1. Bleacher Report

2. Yahoo Sports

3. ESPN Fantasy: Fantasy Football and More

4. Yahoo Fantasy Sports

5. Rotoworld Fantasy News & Draft Guide