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This is an online guide for the do's and don'ts of Fantasy Football. We dive into morality and social manipulation while steering you away from the common pitfalls of the virtual gridiron. Mastering trades, lineups, the waiver wire and free agent pickups are only the tip of the iceberg. 

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Choosing A Domain: A Story filled with Turnovers and Triumph

The Anatomy of a Domain: A Story of Headaches and Triumph

Setting up the Website:

Choosing an available domain that is pronounceable, affordable and relevant to your product is one of the more nerve racking and nail biting adventures.

I probably have 45 different names that I thought of while sitting on the throne one weekend. (Don't worry I totally took breaks for coffee and snacks).

Once you have out a couple different directions you would like try, comes the scary part. Punching them into GoDaddy or whatever Domain Service you choose.

FantasyLineup - Taken
FantasyLegend - taken
FantasyLegends - Taken
FantasyFootballApp - Taken
Fantasy Bros - Taken 

… See where I'm going with this, and once you find one that is available it sort of that moment where someone is trying to sell you a $1,000 Bose Surround Sound System for $15.99.

Hmm well it looks okay right? I'm sure it'll sound good when I play music. It's not a huge investment I might as well take the small risk. 

So you finally decide to pull the trigger. TAKEN ... Something is fishy, maybe I shouldn't have punched it in the checked it's availability so many times.

Did someone I know buy it up right from under me? I did ask a few people if the name sounded okay before I went to pull the trigger the next morning. 

F!... so to make a long story short, unless you have a very unique brand name that one one else wants do count on your first choice for domains to be out there. 

If you want to dabble in the world of the (co, BIZ, TV, NYC, etc.) feel free. But as long as someone else owns that .com domain.

Can your start-up ever really feel like it's yours? You may have spent a good portion of your life, sharing a room or even a bed with a sibling.

For your big moment to shine, to pour your heart into a project all of your own do you still want that sense of sharing a space with someone? 

Regardless if the domain is an abandoned blog, direct competitor or sex toys ecommerce site. You aren't married to anything yet; you can still manage something else.

And that was the run down of the domain purchasing escapades. I finally settled on ... surprise surprise. If you managed to make it this far without seeing
Fantasy Bro Sports lining every crevice of this website, Twitter and maybe my lower back one day (Need to cover up this Pink Butterfly tattoo somehow).

So boom! Email confirmation, mashed in my credit card number and now is now mine. So just like every minor accomplishment you make along the way, you have to blast it out on every Social Platform you have ever signed up for. Pulling out the Yellow Pages to look up lost classmates (at least for the ones that have finally escaped the wrath of the Facebook). Doesn't everyone want to hear about my new Fantasy Football website? 

Tell your parents! and subsequently explain to your parents what it means to own a domain name. The process involved and why I couldn't get anything catchier like "".

"Can I see it?" ... these four words shot through my chest like a gunshot. I barely have anything at all ... I have the rights to point a series of ASCII characters towards an ipv4 public web server. 

I still need a host. 

Any if you thought choosing the perfect (out of the available pool) domains, try figuring out whether to go with SquareSpace or Bluehost / WordPress.

I might save this for another day and another blog post.

Search Engine Optimization: (SEO) - Why am I not getting any hits? 

I got my flashy new website from SquareSpace jumped through a couple hoops to get everything redirecting properly now how do I get people here?

Apparently "Build it and they will come" does not apply to generating traffic to your website.

Finally got indexed on Google: (Courtesy of Google Webmaster Tools)


So the days of adding "Fantasy Football" in black font on a black background on a webpage is not long suitable to get ranked on Google. I'll detail all the tips and tricks I've come across with links to these high quality resources in the near future. 

As you can see below it's important to have your brand be associated with relevant keywords so people can find you when they search. As you can see there is still much work to be done.


Now that I finally have a steady stream of daily visitors, I need to find a reason to keep these people entertained as well as adding valuable content to keep them coming back.

Now it’s finally time to add some valuable Fantasy Football related content, and just as hard as it is that first day of high school when they stick you in Homeroom or August Madness as they called it many moons ago when I was in High School. Coming up with some grandiose way of introducing yourself is pretty difficult when you are put on the spot.

Which lead me to ask myself, are we a software company? At the end of the day that is ultimately the final product we are producing.

Then again, are we Fantasy Football advice blog rolled into an iPhone App.

When I've mentioned to my friends and family, "Hey I'm starting up my own business called Fantasy Bro Sports ..."

The dumbfounded looks on peoples faces as I tried to describe the blogging and iOS app portions of what I plan on doing really made me question if this whole thing was even viable. Don't get me wrong there were plenty of "Oh thats really cool i hope it goes well" which in reality were mostly polite ways to segue off topic. In a nervous defensive fit I started throwing out phrases like "it's a algorithmic analytical tool to help users decide on which players to start on their fantasy teams" which kind of sort of summarized what this is but boy the more verbiage I threw at them the less and less interested they were at hearing more. The one semi-positive reaction I got from people is when I mentioned the possibility of a Fantasy Football Podcast and many were quick to volunteer to become 

After some time alone I broke it down to this: 

"Fantasy Bro Sports is iOS app that takes the pain out of managing your Fantasy Football team"

I can't stress how important it is to use the KISS method (keep it simple silly) when pitching or shamelessly promoting your project or business.

More to come where we dissect our business identity and thank you for reading!

Have any questions about our progress? Need Fantasy Football lineup advice?


The Top 100 Fantasy Football Team Names of 2014

Here are the top 100 Fantasy Football Team Names for the 2014 Season. I've left off some over used and less than clever names off this list (I also left on some fan favorites). 

Feel free to add your own in the comments and I'll add them to the ranks.

1.    A Flacco Seagulls

2.    Show Me Your TDs

3.    A Dingo ate my Brady

4.    America’s Fantasy Team

5.    Backfields and McCoys

6.    Cam I Am

7.    Cry me a Rivers

8.    DeMarco Polo

9.    Everyday I’m Russellin’

10. Final Dez-tination

11. Forgetting Brandon Marshall

12. Insane Clowney Posse

13. Johnny Backup

14. Johnny Foosball

15. MonT-Rex

16. Nobody puts Brady in the Corner

17. Manziel in Distress

18. Motown Megatrons

19. Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood

20. No Game This Week

21. No Punt Intended

22. Omaha Manning

23. Peyton the Town Red

24. Peyton’s Place

25. Red Hot Julius Peppers

26. Revis and Butthead

27. Sam I Am

28. Sandusky & Boy

29. Shooting the Brees

30. Teach me how to Dougie

31. The Abusement Park

32. The Brady Bunch

33. The Calvinists

34. The Romosexuals

35. The Real McCoy

36. The Untouchables

37. Titletown TDs

38. Victorious Secret

39. What would Jones Drew

40. When in Romo

41. Lets Talk About Rex Baby

42. Matty Ice Ice Bay

43. Jamaal Charlie Horse

44. Wham, Bam, Michael Sam

45. Philly Buttfumbles

46. It’s All Luck

47. Go Home Rodgers

48. Wacka Flacco Flame

49. Geno Smith & Wesson

50. Drake’s Bandwagon

51. Multiple Scorgasms

52. Folk Dance

53. Cash Dance

54. Y U NO WIN?

55. U Mad Bro?

56. Taste My Rainbow

57. Party Like a Gronk Star

58. J.J. S.W.A.T.T. Team

59. You Down With JPP?

60. Welker, Texas Ranger

61. No Romo

62. CJ0k

63. Suh Girls, One Cup

64. Henne Given Sunday

65. Boy Named Suh

66. Ripley's Talib it or Not

67. Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe

68. It's Always Runny in Philadelphia

69. Makin' It Wayne

70. The White Welkers

71. Luckness Monster

72. Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles

73. The Sun Will Come Out Amaro

74. Ladies and Edelman

75. Not Making The Cutler

76. Chicken Cutler

77. The Brady Bunch

78. EJ Read The F–king Manuel!

79. Charles In Charge

80. All Reggie No Bush

81. Calvin’s Johnson

82. Graham Crackers

83. L. Scott Fitzgerald

84. InstaGraham

85. Sorry For Your Loss

86. Russell and Flow

87. Password is Taco

88. The Shiva is Mine

89. Vinegar Strokes

90. Vandelay Industries

91. Cold Blooded Spiller

92. 98 DeBrees

93. I’m Jamaal In

94. There’s an AP for that

95. Can’t Hardly Watt

96. Foster Children

97. Running Some Aarons

98. Hopeless Romontic

99. Baby Break Ribs

100. I came In Like A Montee Ball

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Fantasy Bro Sports Blog - "It Can't be Done"

All we hear now a days as an IOS developer is, the App Store is full! 80 percent of iOS developers live below the poverty line.

Everything that could ever be made has already been.

The market has matured, there cannot be something fresh.

The ecosystem is too competitive to earn a livable income.

So what am I doing here? First and for most I’m here to prove that it can still be done.

This isn’t a personal vendetta (Okay perhaps it might be for a bevy of different reasons), it’s just the human response to “It can’t be done”, “You can’t do it”, “Don’t waste your time”.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. Doubt is toxic and goes hand in hand with insecurity.

I’m not in the business of fostering either emotion. “It can’t be done” are the four most motivational words I can ever hear.

But anyways enough self-pep talk about the player haters (not the disgruntled Fantasy Football patrons who are going against a Running Back who just crossed 200 yards rushing or a wide receiver with his third touchdown reception).

I’m not sure what the parameters of this blog will be moving forward, it’s going to be part documentary style, noting my struggles with development of the iOS App, managing data streams, establishing a Fantasy Football related Podcast (Official name, date and frequency to be determined at a later date).

Enjoy Episode 2 of Tough Season: New Faces Ep.2. I love the draft advice in this one.

"Research is for non-champions!"

Fantasy Bro Sports Blog - The Inception

Welcome to the first blog spot from Fantasy Bro Sports. 

Who are we?

We are currently building an iOS Application (Soon to venture on other platforms on day). 

My elevator pitch on this goes something like this:

Fantasy Bro Sports is all the Fantasy Football advice you will need available right at your finger tips. People bemoan the risk / reward of determining who they should start on their fantasy football roster. 

I know myself and in my social circle this consumes the majority of conversations and subsequent self induced stress. Why can't there be something that takes a mathematical analysis of historical stats, game plans, depth chart and every other factor that could affect a players results on the field for that given week.

It can become another job to keep up with the endless hours of Twitter updates, expert fantasy football blogs, official depth chart listings, rumor mill rumblings and professional analysts that sway your emotions to and from certain players.

Fantasy Bro Sports is the solution.

This blog is going to be my personal outlet for all the dramatic twist and turns on this journey from going from an idea to a product and business. 

Unfortunately if you were looking for another blog on expert advice which is main just regurgitated  information from media outlets I'd look elsewhere.

However if you are thinking about your own projects that could be the next big thing hopefully you stick around and become apart of the Fantasy Bro Sports community. 

Thank you and good luck on your Fantasy adventures this season.

Enjoy the first episode of Tough Season: Chasing A Repeat Ep. 1