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Tuesday Mornings Will Never Be The Same

This is an online guide for the do's and don'ts of Fantasy Football. We dive into morality and social manipulation while steering you away from the common pitfalls of the virtual gridiron. Mastering trades, lineups, the waiver wire and free agent pickups are only the tip of the iceberg. 

Welcome to Fantasy Bro Sports, I'm Michael and I am here to help you set the best Fantasy Football Lineup every week!

"There are three kinds of Lies: lies, damn lies and statistics."
- Mark Twain
fantasy football lincoln style fbs

Unfortunately for Mark Twain, Fantasy Bro Sports only supports the iPhone 5 and later.

You might be saying "But Michael! I already read every Fantasy Football related article, watch ESPN and listen to sports radio for all the news I need!". 


But why do all the work?


I'd like to thank a friend, for insisting that I should pursue a noble side job to help make ends meet. 

The suggestions were not limited to but included a deli worker and cashier. He may also be guilty of  the delivery of some putrid fantasy advice. 

A true master of the ridiculous lop-sided trade proposal and eminent worse counter offer that not even Andre from "The League" would accept. 

 This App is for you. Use this App to guide you through the trial and tribulations of the Fantasy Football Season. For every gut wrenching last minute decision before the rosters lock.

John Henry may have won the Man vs Machine battle many moons ago when Paul Bunion was digging the Grand Canyon. 

Our Fantasy Football prediction algorithm delivers the correct sit / start predictions far better than any human.

(Any human who isn't secretly from the future with a list of the outcome of every NFL game)  including our beta testers who field test the fantasy results of every NFL game. 


"Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it's much more serious than that."

- Bill Shankly


But lucky for you, if you have gotten this far you will no longer have a 50% chance of picking the player who will have the better week.

Fantasy Bro Sports is where Math and Football, are going steady. No body fluid exchanges just yet, just a bunch of sweaty palm hand holding.



Every minute, inch, game time decision, MRI result and roster move.

This season is yours to be won. You could win on your own, I don't doubt it.

Why let them have the advantage? There are too many games to be won and too many crows to be swallowed by the opposition. 
The looks on the faces of your Boss / Co-Workers / Friends and pompous "Online Gangsters" in your Public Leagues is well worth giving this App a real try.

Tuesday mornings will truly never be the same.



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