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This is an online guide for the do's and don'ts of Fantasy Football. We dive into morality and social manipulation while steering you away from the common pitfalls of the virtual gridiron. Mastering trades, lineups, the waiver wire and free agent pickups are only the tip of the iceberg. 

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What It Takes To Win Fantasy Football

There seems to be a big difference between what people think matters most when it comes to Fantasy Football. I hear things all the time from people like "If your draft well then you really don't need to make too many moves during the season". Another common misnomer is when people think that the key to winning is just to be lucky and avoid having your stars injured. But they are wrong too, there's a lot more going on than just avoiding injuries and drafting well. How about "It's all luck anyways, I won't waste too much time researching I'll just grab the hot players on Free Agency and let the rest work itself out." If you can't put the winning formula into one sentence then you are doomed to repeat in your losing ways. Success in Fantasy Football is a multifaceted game. Sure there's luck and skill involved, but there's also a lot of stuff that happens behind the scenes that most owners never pick up. To save you from another wall of text, I have created the "What it takes to win your fantasy football league" pie chart.


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Michael Muss

Fantasy Bro Sports - "It's perfect, I promise"

What is Peek Testing?

Feel free to check them out here:

Peek Testing is a service that someone give you feedback on your website, they are supposed to be like real regular users that could land on your site. They are not necessarily UX design critics which can be helpful to finding design issues that the "average user" could get tripped up on.

Initially I was not sure how to feel about the user’s reaction to Fantasy Bro Sports.

He liked that it was clean and all and it was obvious that it was about a Fantasy Football App and that's when things went down hill.

He didn't check out all of the above links additional content and when he did he read two sentences and stopped. 

Initially I was angry with the user, but could it have been my user interface? 

So after checking out many other blogs and sales websites and comparing it to my own I could tell there was plenty of work to be done.

What is this website for?

How was the user supposed to know that this is for a fantasy football app? Besides a lonesome picture of a iPhone mock up with a football field on the screen, the purpose is not obvious.

Secondly there was no call to action.

There was no "subscribe to our blog", "Available in the App Store now". With no call to action and the mailing list buried in it's own page, no information about how the app works, and where and when would it be available. 

My about the app section was bare, and my about me section was and still sort of is a wall of text. Nothing stands out, almost as interesting as page 719 of Webster's Dictionary. 

I left myself with a much larger to do list than I expected considering that I ran the Peek Testing as a way to gauge how great my website layout was and the validation of a great job.

Maybe the key is to never feel like you are finished.

Thanks for reading!



Fantasy Bro Sports Blog - "It Can't be Done"

All we hear now a days as an IOS developer is, the App Store is full! 80 percent of iOS developers live below the poverty line.

Everything that could ever be made has already been.

The market has matured, there cannot be something fresh.

The ecosystem is too competitive to earn a livable income.

So what am I doing here? First and for most I’m here to prove that it can still be done.

This isn’t a personal vendetta (Okay perhaps it might be for a bevy of different reasons), it’s just the human response to “It can’t be done”, “You can’t do it”, “Don’t waste your time”.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. Doubt is toxic and goes hand in hand with insecurity.

I’m not in the business of fostering either emotion. “It can’t be done” are the four most motivational words I can ever hear.

But anyways enough self-pep talk about the player haters (not the disgruntled Fantasy Football patrons who are going against a Running Back who just crossed 200 yards rushing or a wide receiver with his third touchdown reception).

I’m not sure what the parameters of this blog will be moving forward, it’s going to be part documentary style, noting my struggles with development of the iOS App, managing data streams, establishing a Fantasy Football related Podcast (Official name, date and frequency to be determined at a later date).

Enjoy Episode 2 of Tough Season: New Faces Ep.2. I love the draft advice in this one.

"Research is for non-champions!"

Fantasy Bro Sports Blog - The Inception

Welcome to the first blog spot from Fantasy Bro Sports. 

Who are we?

We are currently building an iOS Application (Soon to venture on other platforms on day). 

My elevator pitch on this goes something like this:

Fantasy Bro Sports is all the Fantasy Football advice you will need available right at your finger tips. People bemoan the risk / reward of determining who they should start on their fantasy football roster. 

I know myself and in my social circle this consumes the majority of conversations and subsequent self induced stress. Why can't there be something that takes a mathematical analysis of historical stats, game plans, depth chart and every other factor that could affect a players results on the field for that given week.

It can become another job to keep up with the endless hours of Twitter updates, expert fantasy football blogs, official depth chart listings, rumor mill rumblings and professional analysts that sway your emotions to and from certain players.

Fantasy Bro Sports is the solution.

This blog is going to be my personal outlet for all the dramatic twist and turns on this journey from going from an idea to a product and business. 

Unfortunately if you were looking for another blog on expert advice which is main just regurgitated  information from media outlets I'd look elsewhere.

However if you are thinking about your own projects that could be the next big thing hopefully you stick around and become apart of the Fantasy Bro Sports community. 

Thank you and good luck on your Fantasy adventures this season.

Enjoy the first episode of Tough Season: Chasing A Repeat Ep. 1