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Off Topic: NBA All Time Records - 3 Pointers Made End Season Recap

This will be a quick and dirty version of who finished where on the NBA All Time 3 Pointers Made List for the 2018-19 regualr season.

First I’d like to give a hats off salute to Steph Curry for taking the lead spotin the most 3 point makes in NBA Playoffs History. But now back to business.

#3: Stephen Curry v. Reggie Miller

Steph finishes the 2018-19 season ranked 3rd on all-time list but only needs 78 more 3’s to take sole posession of 2nd place all-time.

#4: Kyle Korver v. Steph Curry

Currently 132 treys behind Curry, Korver is unlikely to catch up but may have a shot at Reggie Miller.

#6: Vince Carter v. Jason Terry

Vince has an outside chance to take over Jason Terry’s spot at 5th overall. He needs 54 three pointers to take over 5th.

#7: Jamaal Crawford v. Vince Carter

The ageless Jamaal Crawford is only 10 3’s behind VC and is my bet to finish his career in sole possesion of 5th place.

#9: James Harden v. Paul Pierce

James Harden has bene dropping highlight reel step-backs from beyond the arc with regularity for a few seasons. Only 119 to go to pass Paul Pierce.

#11: Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk finished a legandary career 6 3’s behind Jason Kidd finishing at a solid number 11 on the all-time list.

#12: Joe Johnson v. Dirk Nowitzki

Joe Johnson sits only 4 behind Dirk and 10 behind Kidd. Both will be easily leapfrogged bearing any early season injuries.

#13: J. R. SMITH v. Joe Johnson

J.R Smith needs 50 makes behind the arc to surpass Joe Johnson. But the larger question is ifhe will return to action for the 2019-20 NBA season. 

#16: Klay Thompson v. Kobe Bryant

Klay Thompson only needs 30 more threes to jump ahead of Kobe Bryant. This half of the Splash Brothers should accomplish this within the first few weeks of the 2019-20 NBA season.

Other Notable List Climbers:

Lebron James v. Peja Stojakovic: 34 to go.

J.J Redick v. Dale Ellis: 16 to go.

Kevin Durant v. Mike Miller: 21 to go.

Wesley Mathews v. Glen Rice: 5 to go.

Kyle Lowry v. Tim Hardaway: 11 to go.

Damian Lillard v. Mike Bibby: 12 to go.

Trevor Ariza v. Manu Ginobli: 38 to go.

Eric Gordon v. Ariza: 2 to go.

Paul George v. Michael Finley: 22 to go.

Carmelo Anthony v. Antoine Walker: 25 to go.

Ryan Anderson v. Mitch Ritchmond: 3 to go.

Kemba Walker v. Mookie Blaylock: 1 to go.

Chris Paul v. Kemba Walker: 16 to go.

Lou WIlliams v. Dell Curry: 6 to go.

C.J Miles v. Lou Williams: 2 to go.

Next season should be very exciting to see who climbs and who falls on the All-Time leader board.