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Off Topic: NBA All Time Records - 3 Pointers Made PT2

We had a bit of movement on the NBA All Time 3 Pointers Made List this past week.

#3: Stephen Curry

Currently ranked 3rd on all-time list with 2459 career 3 pointers. Dropping 17 treys since our last blog post. Steph only trails Reggie Miller by 101.

#4: Kyle Korver

Behind Steph in the number 4 spot, we have Kyle Korver with 2351 career 3 point makes. Korver only hit 2 three pointers since our last blog post. Slow and steady wins the race? Maybe not this time.

#6: Vince Carter

Sitting in the 5th spot all-time is Vince Carter with 2225 3’s . Vince has a chance to take over Jason Terry’s spot at 5th overall. But his chances dwindle if his minutes per game get cut next season. Terry currently holds sole possession of 5th with 2282 makes from behind the arc.

#7: Jamaal Crawford

Jamaal Crawford on the other hand may have some more seasons under his belt before it’s all said and done, but he’s averaging less than (3) 3-point attempts per game and less than one make. My best guess is that they both overtake Terry, but we shall see what the basketball gods have in store.

#9: James Harden

James Harden recently overtook Jason Kidd for 9th overall crossing into the 2k land of career makes from behind the arc. He will next be closing in on Paul Pierce by the all-star break next season with only 144 treys take posession of 8th place.

#12: Dirk Nowitzki

Let’s not discount the great Dirk from also finishing ahead of Kidd, but at 19 three’s away on his farewell tour. It’s a feat I’m rooting for but may not necessarily see happen before the end of this season. Dirk only needs another 9 three’s to overtake Joe Johnson and slide into 11th place.

#13: J. R. SMITH

J.R Smith is not far behind Dirk with 1929 makes, but his return to the hardwood is anyone’s guess. 

#17: Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson only needs 6 more threes to jump ahead of Rashard Lewis who finished his career with a total of 1787. 

The big question: Am I a psychopath for even caring about the all-time ranks?

The succinct answer: Yes, I am.

With the 2018-19 NBA season ending on April 10th there isn’t much time left to clear those hurdles.