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This is an online guide for the do's and don'ts of Fantasy Football. We dive into morality and social manipulation while steering you away from the common pitfalls of the virtual gridiron. Mastering trades, lineups, the waiver wire and free agent pickups are only the tip of the iceberg. 

Is Using Fantasy Football Calculator An Unfair Advantage?

Why Fantasy Football Calculator is F'n Awesome!

What I love most about Fantasy Football Calculator is their Mock Draft Simulators.

  1. It tracks your draft tendencies in real-time
  2. It allows you to print out custom draft cheat sheets
  3. They have support for Keeper Leagues
  4. You can save every Mock Draft to review at a later time.
  5. Weekly sit/start recommendations based on your draft

After reading all those benefits it sounds silly not to at least check out those premium offerings. Nevertheless, let's dive further into their free offerings.

Player Profiles: Zoom into the details (injury history and outlooks) of every player in the NFL with fantasy relevance and track their ADP as it fluctuates day by day.

Their Scenario Calculator is a pretty nifty tool to help gauge which players will fall to you at certain spots and rounds in the draft. With information like this from your mock drafts at your fingertips, you can perfect your draft strategy. Data is also collected by all the other owners using this tool, and what better information than that gathered from your potential opponents? Having the option to customize your mock draft format, the number of teams and draft position is invaluable when it comes to draft prep. Last but not least, you can pre-set which positions to target in each round. This is a unique feature I haven't seen anywhere else. I am truly excited to try this as I prepare for draft day.

Considering that Fantasy Football Calculator has been doing this for over a decade only gives you more reason to trust them for your fantasy needs.

I have no affliate links or call to action that benefit Fantasy Bro Sports in any way. I just want to drive fantasy owners towards the best resources out there.